mikadi is an assistant designed to help golfers improve their game, and their fitness. So, for these two purposes, mikadi uses two mobile apps and a smartband.

The band tracks physical activity, monitors heart rate and when you play golf, information of the hole you are playing is shown, including the distance to the flag. The band is activated by a simple turn of the wrist, and one tap on the screen lets you record a geo-located shot.

To start using mikadi, simply download the two mikadi golf and mikadi fitness apps from the Play Store on your Android mobile device (available shortly on IOS) and then fill in your data on the configuration screen, which only takes a couple of minutes

Regarding the apps, their functions are the following:

Mikadi Golf: an assistant that lets you analyse and study the courses where you are going to play, giving you information that you need at all times, and lets you record results for them to be analysed after the round, and to share with fellow players and friends.

Mikadi Fitness: mikadi fitness: to manage and record physical activity from the band, this app is used to keep the recorded history of physical activity and to set goals.

To use the band, you have to connect it to the two apps first of all, and as both apps are separate, make sure you only have one of them active during this connection stage. In the Golf app, press the icon at the bottom right-hand corner and then select CONNECT. The icon in the Fitness app is located on the bar at the top , then select SEARCH AND CONNECT. We recommend that you configure the biometric profile so that the activity data is adjusted to each person. It is important that the permissions to use GPS and Bluetooth are activated, as the system will not work properly in the case of them being switched off.

Now you are now ready to use mikadi.


Access the configuration settings on your mobile after installing the app and verify that the following permissions are enabled and if not, configure them correctly.
1.- Check, in the configuration of your phone, that you have enabled access to GPS (high precision) and Bluetooth .
Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > High Accuracy.

2.- Check, in the configuration of the Mikadi Golf application on your phone, that you do not have restricted access to GPS, that you do not have limited battery use and that it can run in the background.

Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Location
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permisssions > Start in Background
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Battery saver > No restrictions
3.- If you want to share your results on social networks should allow access to the image gallery.
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Storage


The band operates with three simple movements: to activate the screen, simply turn the wrist gently or by tapping two times (tap, tap) followed by the finger on the screen, to switch the screen swipes the finger from top to bottom or vice versa (swipe) and to activate an action, click on the yellow symbols. Remember to pre-charge the Smartband through the cable and USB adapter included to start using it.

By default Fitness Mode will always be active, in addition to the activity log and heart rate shows the time and date. The Golf Mode is activated only when from the Mikadi Golf app we select "Play golf" and a select course, at this moment point it switches to Golf Mode.


Upon entering "Play Golf", a list of the nearest courses is displayed, as well as the courses you usually play, and these are shown in order of distance from your present location. If there is already a match started on that date, this will always be shown first.

You can see the courses nearby on the map by pressing the icon at the top. If you want to see the courses in another part of the world, just touch an area on the map to place the red marker on the new location, then press the update icon (in the top right corner) and the 10 courses nearest the red marker will be shown.

If you expect that you are not going to have a good Internet connection during the match, it is important to go to the course that you are going to play, so that is saved on your mobile phone, and you can have all the information available during the match. If you leave the map, the list contains the recent courses shown on the map, and if you want to go back to see those near your location, press the synchronisation icon to update the information.

Press the name of the course for it to open and the app will choose the nearest hole to where you are at the time. Change the smartband to Golf mode and you will see the hole information on your mobile screen, and on the smartband.

If you are playing golf with the smartband, switch off your mobile phone and keep it in your pocket. You just have to slowly turn your wrist to see the hole, par, distances to the hole, shots noted, distance covered since the last shot recorded and the recommended club selection. If you are not wearing the smartband, you will always have this information on your mobile phone. You can also keep note of the shots, change hole, or change club selection using the smartband.


When you select a golf course, the smartband automatically starts to function in Golf Mode, which has two screens: one that displays information, and another screen for recording shots, and changing the hole or club.

- Hole information screen: displays the hole number and par on the first row. Under those, and in larger numbers, you have distances to the green (to, before and behind the flag), followed by shots noted, the recommended club for reaching the green, and finally the distance covered from the point where the last shot was noted.

- Annotation screen: to enter this function, swipe the screen using your finger. This screen lets you change the shots you have noted, the hole played and club selection. The first field that flashes upon activating this screen is the shot counter, which lets you note or delete the latest noted shot. If you swipe up on the screen without noting the shot, the field that flickers is the hole number, which may be changed. And if you swipe down on the screen without noting the shot, you will see that the recommended club is flashing.

It is important to note each shot before or immediately after each of your swings, and always from the point where you are going to strike the ball, as the coordinates are registered by GPS geolocation for being able to see them on the map, and for the distances to be calculated correctly. The smartband will vibrate every time you note a shot as to give you a clear indication that the change has been made.
If you have selected the automatic hole change option, the hole will change automatically just after leaving the green, but check the hole has changed before noting your next tee shot on those holes which have a teeing ground very near to the previous green.

The connection between your mobile phone and the smartband is established via Bluetooth which has a range between 10 and 15 metres, so it is best for you to carry your phone rather than keeping it on your golf trolley. However, if the connection fails, it is automatically reconnected, but you won’t be able to note shots when there is no connection with the smartband.



Besides the smartband, mikadi also offers 3 more options in which you can note shots and change hole


- Hole information screen: with the same information on the smartband plus the net result on the par for the course, you can note a shot or change hole using the (+) or (-) symbols. You can also change the club if it differs from the recommended one.

- Tee noting screen : this lets you record your own result, as well those of up to 3 other players who are in the same match, but do not have mikadi. Press each player’s icon to change their name, handicap, and to turn on the scorekeeping option.

You can also deactivate the automatic hole change option to facilitate this kind of scorekeeping.

- Hole map screen : this screen lets you change the hole number, note a shot, and select a club using your mobile by pressing the (+) or (-) symbols, according to what you want to increase or decrease respectively.

It is important to note shots from the locationwhere you are going to swing, as the system registers the GPS coordinates and the club estimated for the distance to the green. If the club you are using is different to the recommended one, it is important to select the club you are using first, in order for the shot to beassociated to the correct club.


The view in map mode lets you see the layout of each hole, calculate distances to a point on the map and move green markers or pin position.

The hole map shows the hole you are playing or the one you have chosen. When you are on the course, a line is shown from your position to the centre of the green, and the data is updated according to your movements. If you are not on the course, it shows the distances from the tee.

In the top left-hand corner, you will see the distances to the back, middle and front of the green, distance to the last shot noted. On the left and right sides in the middle of the screen, you can note a shot or change the map view, and the bottom of the screen shows the par and handicap of the hole, as well as offer the option to change hole.

Touching the screen automatically calculates the distance from your position to the point selected, and from that point to the green. You are also shown the recommended club for the distances.

The buttons in the middle of the screen on the right-hand side offer another two additional views:

One of the views shows the green in greater detail , which also lets you move the markers to adjustthem to the real location of the pin, and a second view displays the location of the shots noted on the hole during the match .



This option lets you see the results saved from previous matches. When you select this option, a list is displayed with the latest results shown first. To delete a match, keep your finger down on the screen, swipe left, and then tap on the trash can icon.

A result can be shown in Summary mode, Card mode or in Map mode . To toggle from one screen to another, just press the icons located on the bar at the top of the screen.

Player information is shown and the overall results are displayed below: net score against the par of the course, total number of strokes and Stableford points gained along with the details. In map mode, you can see each hole with the markers and information of each noted shot (coordinates, distance and club used).

These results may be shared on social networks using the icon at the bottom of the screen.



mikadi offers the possibility to see the real-time results of other players who are playing on the same course on the same day

To find out their results, go to Settings > Golf Game before starting the match, enter the name of the group that you and your fellow golfers are going to use and activate the "Share results with the group" option.

Once this is set, the players who have been chosen in the same group name can see the scores of other players at that time on the hole information screen or the hole map screen by clicking on .

This tool also lets you see the results of the rest of players who have shared the same group name once the match has finished, and these are displayed in the Results option.


This lets you configure options and player information from the smartband, and from their golf bag.

My profile: Name, Biometric Information, Email, Phone Number and Photo.

My golf bag: lets you choose the clubs you are taking in your bag, and the distance you cover with each club. This information is used during a round for club recommendation according to the distance to the pin, so it is important to personalise it with your distances and the clubs you are carrying in your bag.

My smartband: lets you choose the smartband linked to the app. From here, you can search for the smartband that you want to connect to your mobile phone. The START button loads the biometric data and sets the date and time on the smartband from your mobile phone.

Golf game: lets you configure your preference of measurement in yards or metres, activate mobile vibration, automatic hole change, share results with the group and to configure the name of the group.

Internal parameters: allow the configuration of internal parameters the app uses.


This lets you see physical activity data, and to set daily goals. The data collected are distance covered (in metres and in steps), calories burned and heart rate monitored, which accumulate with previously tracked data.

At the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see two buttons: one is for setting daily goals to reach (in kilometres, steps and calories) ,and the other is for synchronising the data on the smartband .

Below, you have two menus to choose the period of time and the parameter to see on the graphs. The result is displayed in the middle with the overall data of the consultation on the first graph (with the values for that period) and the goal (in brackets). A graph is shown next with the results per hours/days/weeks or months.

You can also go to a specific date by using the arrows or by selecting one, and then share this screen or any other in your social networks. In order for the smartband to measure correctly, it is important that the biometric data (gender, age, height and weight) are configured in the APP and updated on the smartband.


The Fitness mode consists of the following screens:

- Time and date screen: shows the day and month on the first row, as well as the present time. The time and date on the smartband is updated by your mobile phone when you initially connect both devices.

- Activity screen: displays distance, steps and calories burned on the same day. It is important to configure the biometric data (gender, age, height and weight) in the smartband’s settings on the app, in order to get the correct calculation of the activity. This data is loaded when you switch on the smartband.

- Cardio screen: displays heart rate frequency. Press the “Play” button to activate the heart rate monitor, and press the “Pause” button to stop this function. When the heart rate monitor is active, a green light switches on in the lower part of the smartband. Remember to switch this function off when you finish to prevent the battery from draining.

- Connection screen: displays the number of the device and the state of the Bluetooth connection (the green tick indicates Bluetooth is active and connected, and the red tick indicates there is no Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone). This screen also displays the firmware version of the smartband.

The smartband saves physical activity data, but has a limited memory, so it is best to synchronise the band with the mikadi fitness app, so you can download the data to your mobile phone.

Manual & FAQS


Can I use the app without the smartband?

Yes, all the functions are available on your mobile phone. The only difference is that the information is only shown on the screen of your mobile phone.

If you don’t have the smartband yet, you have forgotten it, or the battery has run out and you were going to play golf, don’t worry because you can use the app from your mobile.

Is it possible to play without an Internet connection?

The Internet connection is used to download courses on which you are going to play with your mobile phone, to see the map of the course and to update the match results in groups.

If the golf course you are going to doesn’t have an Internet connection available, we recommend accessing the course from the app and startingthe game on there before teeing off. This way, the data shall be saved locally, and you can keep using your mobile on the course even without being connected to the Internet.

Can the smartband track my physical activity even without using a mobile phone?

Yes, the smartband tracks physical activity at all times, and even in both modes: Golf and Fitness.
When you open the physical activity screen in the app, the data saved on the smartband shall be automatically transferred to your mobile phone.

Are there updates for courses?

Yes, mikadi periodically updates the golf course database on an international scale, and this is free of charge. If a golf course does not appear in our database, you can let us know and we will start to work on including the course.

Are the distances in metres or yards?

mikadi lets you configure the distances in metres or yards. When you start the app, enter “Settings”, click on “Play golf” and you can select your preference of metres or yards in the “Metrics” section.

Is the smartband water-resistant?

Yes, our smartband is IP67 certified for dust and water-resistance. You can submerge the smartband in water to the depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes without water entering the device.

Tips for the correct functioning of Mikadi.Go

Configuring your mobile phone after installing the application
Access the configuration settings on your mobile and verify that the following permissions are enabled and if not, configure them correctly.
1.- Check, in the configuration of your phone, that you have enabled access to GPS (high precision) and Bluetooth .
2.- Check, in the configuration of the Mikadi Golf application on your phone, that you do not have restricted access to GPS, that you do not have limited battery use and that it can run in the background.
3.- If you want to share your results on social networks should allow access to the image gallery.
Use of the battery during the match
The application Mikadi.Golf when playing golf makes intensive use of GPS which can consume in a game of 18 holes between 10% and 18% of battery (depending on the GPS chips that use the different brands) so it is important to charge both the phone and the bracelet before going out to play.
When you start the game, the battery level of your mobile phone is checked and the GPS access frequency is adjusted from the 40% available battery (you can disable this control from the Application System Configuration options).
Using the application during the round
When we play the game the application must be kept in the background is to say that we turn off the phone but without leaving the application. If your application does not run or stops after a while is probably because you do not have the permission to run in the background or because you have activated the battery control so check the settings again, enable the permissions and continue playing.
Internet usage during the game
Internet access during a match is used to access course data, to display hole maps, to share group results, and to upload results to the Internet (if configured).
In the case of playing on a course without Internet access, it is important to previously access the course we are going to play in a space with a connection so that the course can be stored on the telephone and in this way be able to use these data when we are on the course and no longer have access to the Internet.
Remember for the proper functioning of Mikadi Golf app:
Make sure Mikadi can use your smartphone Location, it´s active in the background and the battery saver is without restrictions. If you want to share your results on social networks you must also allow access to the Storage.
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Location
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permisssions > Start in Background
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Battery saver > No restrictions
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Storage
Also, make sure that your smartphone’s Location Settings are set to "High Accuracy":
Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > High Accuracy.

New features and iOS version

- iOS version
We are putting all our efforts on having the iOS version. We hope it will be ready for the first quarter of 2020 (end of January or beginning of February). This version will have the same interface and functionality as the Android version.
- Handicap and SBF points
This function is already programmed and is included in the next update of the application for the new World Handicap System (WHS). In each round the par of the hole for each player is calculated based on the real handicap, SBF points in each match are available and at the end of the handicap variation change, it´s update of the if it is authorized by configuration.
- Game statistics
We are studying what information is interesting and useful for the player. We hope to have a good data base with real game data by the end of the year and have a good statistics analyzer for those dates and use this data for the club recommendations in each course on the current distances scored by each player in that course and hole .
- Course statistics
We will also offer when you consult a course not only your statistics also by other players and those of your friends, who have authorized it, so you can compare with other similar profiles (in handicap, age, gender). This function will be implemented after the previous one.
- Compatibility other smartbands and watches
We have thought about it. For new low cost models and for the most popular watches in the market ( i-watch, equipment, Android clothes, ...) with a suscription to Mikadi Golf app. But we need to be more consolidated to address this function.