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Can I use the mikadi.golf app without the Golf Watch MK19P?

Yes, all the functions are available on your mobile phone. The only difference is that the information is only shown on the screen of your mobile phone.

If you don’t have the golf watch yet, you have forgotten it, or the battery has run out and you were going to play golf, don’t worry because you can use the mikadi.golf app from your mobile.

Is it possible to play without an Internet connection?

The Internet connection is used to download courses on which you are going to play with your mobile phone, to see the map of the course and to update the match results in groups.

If the golf course you are going to doesn’t have an Internet connection available, we recommend accessing the course from the app and startingthe game on there before teeing off. This way, the data shall be saved locally, and you can keep using your mobile on the course even without being connected to the Internet.

Can the smartband track my physical activity even without using a mobile phone?

Yes, the smartband tracks physical activity at all times, and even in both modes: Golf and Fitness.

Are there updates for courses?

Yes, mikadi periodically updates the golf course database on an international scale, and this is free of charge. If a golf course does not appear in our database, you can let us know and we will start to work on including the course.

Are the distances in metres or yards?

mikadi lets you configure the distances in metres or yards. When you start the mikadi.golf app, enter “Settings”, click on “Play golf” and you can select your preference of metres or yards in the “Metrics” section.

Is the smartband water-resistant?

Yes, our smartband is IP67 certified for dust and water-resistance. You can submerge the smartband in water to the depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes without water entering the device.

Tips for the correct functioning of Mikadi.Golf

Configuring your mobile phone after installing the application
Access the configuration settings on your mobile and verify that the following permissions are enabled and if not, configure them correctly.
1.- Check, in the configuration of your phone, that you have enabled access to GPS (high precision) and Bluetooth .
2.- Check, in the configuration of the Mikadi Golf application on your phone, that you do not have restricted access to GPS, that you do not have limited battery use and that it can run in the background.
3.- If you want to share your results on social networks should allow access to the image gallery.
Use of the battery during the match
The application Mikadi.Golf when playing golf makes intensive use of GPS which can consume in a game of 18 holes between 10% and 18% of battery (depending on the GPS chips that use the different brands) so it is important to charge both the phone and the bracelet before going out to play.
When you start the game, the battery level of your mobile phone is checked and the GPS access frequency is adjusted from the 40% available battery (you can disable this control from the Application System Configuration options).
Using the application during the round
When we play the game the application Mikadi.golf must be kept in the background is to say that we turn off the phone but without leaving the application. If your application does not run or stops after a while is probably because you do not have the permission to run in the background or because you have activated the battery control so check the settings again, enable the permissions and continue playing.
Internet usage during the game
Internet access during a match is used to access course data, to display hole maps, to share group results, and to upload results to the Internet (if configured).
In the case of playing on a course without Internet access, it is important to previously access the course we are going to play in a space with a connection so that the course can be stored on the telephone and in this way be able to use these data when we are on the course and no longer have access to the Internet.
Remember for the proper functioning of Mikadi Golf app:
Make sure Mikadi can use your smartphone Location, it´s active in the background and the battery saver is without restrictions. If you want to share your results on social networks you must also allow access to the Storage.
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Location (Android 9)
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Location > Allow all the time (Android 10)
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Battery saver > No restrictions
Settings > Apps > Mikadi > Permissions > Storage
Also, make sure that your smartphone’s Location Settings are set to "High Accuracy":
Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > High Accuracy.

I can’t connect the Golf Watch to the application

If when you click SEARCH to connect your watch it does not appear it may be due to:

1) The Golf Watch has not battery. Charge your bracelet.

2) The Golf Watch is already connected to the phone instead of the application. To connect it from the App follow this steps: 
Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices > GF#0000 Connected (Click Connected) > Forget This Device 

Click SEARCH again from the App and the bracelet should now appear