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Golf Watch to track and improve your game

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Golf Watch GPS

Free Golf GPS app for Android and iOS

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Golf and Fitness watch

What is mikadi.golf?

mikadi.golf is an assistant designed to improve the game and fitness of the golfer.
mikadi.golf has two mobile applications (Mikadi.Golf and Mikadi Fitness) and a fitness band. The novelty of our smartband is that, besides tracking physical activity and measuring heart rate, it also incorporates a "Golf Mode", which displays information of the hole you are playing (hole, par, distances to the green and flag, recommended club and distance travelled) by an easy turn of your wrist, and you can note geo-located shots by tapping the screen once.
The most important innovation of mikadi.golf is that it uses the capacity of a player’s mobile device to access the maps of more than 36,000 courses around the world, along with a fitness band, which avoids having to access a mobile phone while playing golf, providing all the information players need at all times.

About us

mikadi.golf is a product created by a group of Spanish entrepreneurs passionate about golf and technology.
After testing a large variety of apps, GPS watches and trackers, we came to the conclusion that it was possible to do something simpler and at a better price without leaving out advanced functions. To do so, we started with everyday elements such as a mobile phone and a fitness band, and provided them with all the information golfers needs to improve their game.
mikadi.golf is the result of years of work and research: starting with the geolocation of golf courses around the world, to tackle the programming of fitness bands to incorporate our "Golf Mode", and finally the development of the applications for mobile devices.

Why mikadi?


> You can see the course and prepare your strategy before teeing off

> You get accurate information at all times, including distances and the most appropriate club

> You can analyse results with different levels of detail, and share them with your fellow golfers


> It tracks each step you take, the distance covered and calories burned

> You can use the heart rate monitor function when you want

> You can set daily activity goals and track your history to see your progress


> Start the app on your mobile, click on “Play golf”, and the band will display all the information you need with an easy turn of your wrist

> By tapping the screen once, mikadi will track your shot using GPS

> Automatic hole change upon leaving the green


> Water-resistant watch

> Comfortable and light (only weighs 25 grams)

> You don’t need to access a mobile while playing thanks to the band’s Bluetooth connection, and the battery lasts up to 6 days


> GPS geolocation and maps of more than 35,000 golf courses around the world. Includes aerial view and area of the green

> You can update hole locations in real time

> It lets you see the distance to any point by simply selecting it on the map


> Share and compare the results of the match in real time with your group of friends

> Upload any screen from the app to your social networks with just one click

> With the digital scorecard, results can be displayed in card mode, as a summary or on the map of each hole

Free Golf GPS App

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Golf course GPS app
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Golf Watch MK19P

Golf Mode: Hole data (Par and number of hole, score, green distances, front, flag, back), automatic hole change, track shots using GPS and club recommendation.


Fitness Mode: Date and hour, and fitness tracker (steps, distance, calories and heart rate).


87 €

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  • Golf Assistant

  • Fitness Tracker

  • Comfortable and light Smartband

  • More than 35.000 courses worlwide

  • Aereal View

  • GPS tracking

  • Data automatically shared with the phone

  • Bluetooth

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